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Can You Say Snowstorm in June?

That's what David had to hike through to get a flag planted at the top of No Name Peak just two days before the moment of truth.

A romantic at heart, David wanted our engagement to be perfect ... he kept everything a secret and not only did he become a diamond expert researching the perfect stone for me (it's true, he has a file folder on his desk one inch thick loaded with information and facts about diamonds in amounts adequate to make researchers, quality control folks and policy & procedure manual writers very, very happy), he also became an expert at all of the peaks in the Vasquez Peak Wilderness area. This area of Colorado is meaningful to us because we do so much downhill skiing in the winter, and mountain biking in the summer, in the nearby town of Winter Park.

By the careful study of topography maps, David did manage to find a peak with no name for us to climb. This way, we could name it whatever we wanted and tie our own memories to it.

The only potential trouble was that on the day he ascended the peak (the summit sat at 12,500 Colorado this is above the timberline) a snow storm came through that dumped a foot of snow on neighboring peaks. With very little visibility he ascended to the top in his full winter climbing gear. The other potential problem was me. Two days later we would be driving through the area on our way to a biking weekend in Winter Park with Beth and BH. He had no idea if I would be in the mood to climb the peak he had chosen, on the trail of his choosing, to the altitude where he planted the flag. You see we had gotten off to a somewhat late start for heading above timberline, had been caught in a lightening storm once earlier in the season at midday, and I could have unknowingly put an end to the plans of hiking up to the snow fields just because I didn't feel like it and wanted to try another route.

All is Well That Ends Well

But the mountain climbing gods were with us. I happily climbed up and over 2,000 feet with David that day. We had a wonderful hike; the panoramic scenery was stunningly beautiful, the sun had come out, and without cue, I walked right up to the flag (that was rolled up and tied) and sat down for lunch.

Before I knew it, David had unfurled the flag and when it's flapping in the wind distracted me, he quickly jumped down on one knee and had a ring in his hand. David kept asking me when was I going to start crying but all I could do was say yes, smile and laugh.

Going Up the Mountain a Single Woman...

After a Champaign toast on the top of the mountain, we descended down. And from that moment, everything was different. I went up the mountain a single woman, and came down the mountain a woman spoken for.

Proposal Peak