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 How We Met

David and I met in June of 2002 through an introduction made by our friends Russ and Beth. Thanks guys! We had all attended a party at a mutual friend's house but David didn't talk to me the whole night.  He told me later that he wasn't normally so rude but he was too embarrassed to approach me that evening. You see, he had stood me up just the week before, just a few hours before a time that was supposed to be our first introduction. A bunch of us were planning on meeting in downtown Denver for dinner and he called Russ and told him that he was bringing another date out that night. So Beth called me and told me not to come. But she then called me the next day and told me to not give up on him completely either. That's what friends are help scope things out for you and keep you in the game when beneficial.

Russ told Beth that he had wanted to introduce us for quite some time, but the timing was off.  Sometimes because I was dating another person but usually because David was dating someone else. So five years later, we finally met.

David did ask me out for our first date (after the party where he ignored me) and decided that despite his fever and bronchitis, he had better not stand me up again. He faked wellness really well...we had a great time and have been having a great time ever since!                                                     ~Christen



Christen & Moqui

How Moqui and I Met

The day after I met David, several of us went for a hike in the foothills west of Denver. When David pulled up in his truck, my friend Vickie and I were there getting geared up at the trailhead. The second David opened the back door of the truck, Moqui jumped out and came running over to me. And that was it for us...Moqui and I fell in love at first site!