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Escape the Worry Trap
 90% of the things we worry about will never happen.
10% is legitimate, showing that life does have real
problems and may be met head on when we have eliminated
senseless worries

If you are like most people, there is something that you have been anxious or upset about already today. It could be that you have worried about the same thing for days, weeks or months.
A certain amount of worry is necessary for your survival. You have a built-in level of awareness that is meant to keep you out of harm's way; but having too much anxiety is like keeping yourself on high alert at all times. While it is good to anticipate future hazards and prepare for them, it is not good to hold on to your anxiety or accept worry as a normal part of everyday living. When you keep yourself in the cycle of worrying, you end up draining your stores of natural energy. And too much worry can cause you to feel powerless rather than powerful. This leads to a feeling of being trapped rather than a feeling of having freedom to make changes. 
You will know that you are worrying too much when you find yourself missing out on the joy of living. You might even experience physical symptoms caused by carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders with ailments such as back pain, tension and recurring headaches. 
"If the problem can be solved, there is no use worrying
about it. If the problem can't be solved, worrying will do
no good."
  ~ Buddhist Saying
Worry can give you the illusion that you are actually doing something about the situation because you are spending so much time thinking about it. And yet worrying changes nothing really.
Here is what you can do to make changes for the better: Decide what parts of the situation you have control and influence over. Identify what you can do now and act upon the steps you CAN take.  
In many cases you will spend less time and energy fixing a problem than the time and energy you spend feeling anxious about it. Some kind of positive step forward gives you the opportunity to have a sense of momentum again even when a situation is impossible to turn around immediately. Taking action and taking responsibility are two ways to reclaim your power. Step by step action will help you work your way out of a problematic situation while worrying keeps you stuck in it. 
"A cartload of worry won't pay an ounce of debt."
~old Italian proverb   
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